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Bandler and Grinder sought to reject much of what they saw as the ineffectiveness of talk therapy and cut straight to the heart of what techniques actually worked to produce behavioral change.

Inspired by the computer revolution—Bandler was a computer science major—they also sought to develop a psychological programming language for human beings.

It’s also somewhat of a pernicious, devilish force in the world—nearly in the business of influencing people has studied at least some of its techniques.

Masters of it are notorious for having a Rasputin-like ability to trick people in incredible ways—most of all themselves.

The other, Richard Bandler, was known internationally as the cofounder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a controversial approach to psychology and communication.

To oversimplify an overcomplicated subject, it more or less works like this: first, the user (or “NLPer,” as NLP people often refer to themselves—and I should note here that the large majority of NLP people, especially those who are primarily therapists, are likely well-meaning) of NLP pays to the person they’re working with.

By watching subtle cues like eye movement, skin flush, pupil dilation and nervous tics, a skilled NLP person can quickly determine:a) What side of the brain a person is predominantly using;b) What sense (sight, smell, etc.) is most predominant in their brain;c) How their brain stores and utilizes information (ALL of this can be gleaned from eye movements);d) When they’re lying or making information up.

After this initial round of information gathering, the “NLPer” begins to slowly and subtly mimic the client, taking on not only their body language but also their speech mannerisms, and will begin speaking with language patterns designed to target the client’s primary sense.

(For more on this, see the by my friend Joseph Flatley, one of the best articles I’ve ever read on the Web.) Their most prominent public usage has likely been by Barack Obama, whose 2008 “Change” campaign was a masterpiece of Ericksonian permissive hypnosis.

The celebrity hypnotist and illusionist Derren Brown also demonstrates NLP techniques in his routine.

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