Elderly dating scams

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Sometimes they prey on their target’s emotions by masquerading as a friend or a love interest.We’ve put together a rogue’s gallery of people who befriended or pretended to serve older Americans and then stole from them and the programs they count on.Among the victims was a 94-year-old woman who was swindled out of her home through a reverse mortgage signed without her knowledge.She was forced into a nursing home, where she died.Homes lost to flamboyant crook Sammy Araya wrapped himself in the trappings of a successful businessman — a leased California mansion, several expensive vehicles and a racehorse.

He pleaded guilty to theft of government money and paying bribes and was facing a 12-year sentence. But hiring the group turned out to be the worst possible choice for at least 12 people, who were bilked out of their life savings by the company and a prominent lawyer.

Americans over age 50 are the prime targets of crooks who want to steal what they’ve accumulated over a lifetime. First, older Americans usually have more money, invested in their homes and retirement savings. They have specific health needs that can be exploited by con artists.

Plus, when older people are scammed, they are often too embarrassed to report the crime.

As a result, scammers stole tens of billions of dollars last year from older Americans and the programs that serve them.

Medicare fraud alone is estimated at billion annually.

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