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who blew the star-spangled banner at indy, cards up, please, and we will roll that tape ♪ land of the free ♪ and the home of the -- ♪ indianapolis 500him, ladies and gentlemen. all right, maccallum pulls ahead and is enjoying this immensely. in the 1980s, winters' popularity surged when he took on the role in a popular sitcom. question number four, what front man for a long running band was savaged by the press for awful performance in the indy 500. though she was nominated for a winner she did win a golden globe for her role in what film? marilyn monroe, no advanced degree often played a ditsy blonde felt critic for acting skills. she was saved from hitting the ground by what conservative bill: question number 56789 hillary clinton was named the number one most admired woman in america.

you know today's rising prices are enough to upset anyone's stomach.

bill: jonathan winters, love him has had the country laughing since the 1950s, resonated with audiences everywhere. what 1965 film considered to be the most successful musical of all time? ♪ if i don't get some shelter ♪ i'm going to fade away ♪ just a shot away ♪ just a shot away ♪ bill: we have 1-1 with two to go.

answer is -- roll the tape ♪ the hills are alive with the sound ofusic ♪ with songs they have sung rocker t-shirt going on for you. in their fifth year span the rolling stones have made millions of fans all over the world. what does he say, the president say is his favorite rolling stones song?

bill: i love lucy broke all sorts of barriers in tv.

i hear that he and roseanne barr do a duet on the national anthem. one more to go, which rock band has the longest distinction of having the longest lineup dating back 40 years? the answer is roll the tape ♪ she has legs ♪ she knows how to use them ♪il zz top.

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